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 According to § 5 TMG:

DST GmbH [Display Supply Team]

 Distribution of electronic, mechatronic and mechanical Components
 Hartstraße 1 DE-82110 Germering, Germany
 Internet: www.dst-gmbh.de


 Telephone: +49 89 89979764
 Telefax: +49 89 89979765
 Email: info@dst-gmbh.de

Registered at:

 Amtsgericht Muenchen, HRB 112272, VATID-No. DE179331488
 Management: Renate Luettich
 Responsible for content: Rudolf Luettich

Terms of use

 The content and works, the pages created by us are subject to German copyright law.
 The reproduction of our data, text and images via copying or storage in electronic Databases and
 duplication on media carrier such as CD-ROM requires written approval by DST GmbH, Germering.
 The input reference data, such as  Company names, names, addresses, using the form of these
 pages is done on a voluntary Base. Such data are not passed by us to third party without prior
 express consent. The reproduction of our data, text and images via copy, and the inclusion in
 electronic databases and/or copying onto media such as carrier CD-ROM, memory sticks etc.
 requires written approval by DST GmbH, Germering.


 The presented content is compiled by DST carefully and regularly updated.  All data are intended
 for general information and are not binding. Changes are at any time reserved.
 Authentic information about the properties, equipment and technical specifications of our products
 are available exclusively from our sales department. Please get in front of a buy according to our
 individual counseling. Also excluded is liability for DST and its agents for services, such as
 Download the data provided to, for the negligent breach of duty unless they relate to contractual
 obligations such as health, life or body, or affect claims under the Product Liability Act.
 We dissociate ourselves from all content that may be linked to from its pages, or pages which link
 to us and we do not adopt their contents. Also, it is our monitor because of the speed of change
 impossible even consistently controlled, remote landing pages, and always ensure that their
 contents are always perfect. In the event that we learn that rights violations of such sites are
 known, we will immediately remove such a link.
 All rights are reserved. Information provided by us are subject to error.





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