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ALPS Mechatronic Components

Memory Card Connectors:

ALPS memory card connectors
Compact low profile SMD-Connectors with a very reliable
contact structure for SD Memory and Multimedia Cards,
microSDTM Card, SIM Card, W-SIM, Memory Stick, MicroTM
and Combi-Card Connectors

Detector Switches:

Alps detector switches
Market oriented large selection of detektor switches, suited for
various application fields and applications, such as audio, video,
mobile, photography, medical equipments, computers and
peripherals, electrical appliances, industrial, automotive a.m.
  • Pin, SMD versions and water protected types are available
  • Rotary Switches:

    ALPS rotary switch SRBM
    A variety of rotary switch series for widespread applications in
    industrial fields and automotive use.
  • 1 to 4-poles types, up to 10 positions [12 endless], with
       and without detent
  • Rates 1mA/5V to 0.25A/30V DC
  • Top:-10°C~+60°C to -35°C~+85°C [14F~140F to -31F~185F]
  • Incremental-



    ALPS magnet encoder
    Incremental, mechanical encoders and magnetic encoders for
    industrial use with Lifespan up to 1,000,000 cycles.
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Leaded and SMD versions
  • Plastic and metal shafts
  • Outfits with and without center push switch
  • Multi Control Devices:

    ALPS multi control device
    2-, 4-, 8-Direction switches with and without integrated
    encoder, as well with and without center push switch.
  • Various outfits and sizes, pin type and SMD versions
  • Top:-10°C~+60°C to -40°C~+85°C [14F~140F to -40F~185F]
  • Rotary Potentiometers:

    ALPS rotary potentiometer RK09K
    World's best accepted assortment of universally applicable
    rotary and slide potentiometers.
  • Vertical and horizontal types, pin type and SMD versions
  • Plastic and metall shafts
  • With and without detent
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio

  • Slide potentiometers also with touchfunction

  • Slide Potentiometers:

    ALPS slide potentiometer RSA0K

    ALPS Push Switches:

    ALPS push switch
    Push switches for a wide application field in equipment,
    machinery and especially in the automotive sector.
  • Top:-10°C~+60°C to -40°C~+85°C [14F~140F to -40F~185F]
  • ALPS Slide Switches:

    ALPS slide switch SSSS2
    Extensive selection of compact pin and SMD type slide switches
    in vertical and horizontal versions, single, dual and quad poles
    with 2 and 3 positions and different lever lengths up to
    9mm [~0.35in]
  • Versions with cover for housing holes
  • ALPS TACT-SwitchesTM:

    ALPS tactile switch series SKHU
    Market leading quality concept for tactile switches and
    innovation in this segment
  • Pin and SMD Types
  • Vertical and horizontal versions with operating forces from 1N to 5N
  • Actuator heights from 0,3 mm to 17 mm [1/64in to 2/3in] a.m.
  •  Mechatronics





      Incremental encoders

      Ring encoders

      Multi control devices

      Rotary potentiometers

      Slide potentiometers

      Push swiches

      Slide switches


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